As to keep the child in the bath


A problem of however to keep a baby in a bath of worry to many new mums. Balneum newborn is a much serious process, which allows the newborn to adapt to new and unfamiliar conditions of existence, helps relieve postpartum stress. H2o treatments helps calm a crumbs are an aid for the care of his face.

How could keep child in the bath? If balneum handed, then a left hand to support a baby in the back of a head, neck skin and back with his hand. In this case, a right hand need hold the child's legs and buttocks.

Keep the baby in a bath may be in a position to capture a shoulder. In this case, a head of a child is on a upper arm to bathe, and a palm of a same mitt - supports the crumbs at the shoulder joint of a outer shoulder of Bathe baby. Holding a child in such a way, by bath the insurance with accidentally slipping and dipping the baby into the aqua. Читать полностью -->

How to look for a child newborn


During his stay in the nursing home nice mum trained to maintain proper feeding and attention of a fresh.

Following being discharged from a hospital newborn leaving need be taken of a conditions to ensure proper construction of a child in the family.

From a extremely 1st days after discharge with a hospital the newborn magnetically mom helps infants poliklinnnka. Come home GP, nurse.

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Eating newborn in 9 months is very versatile.


At this age, your baby is highly valuable porridge - except millet. A grain from which to prepare porridge for the baby, need long to seethe the aqua. Munk and corn - 20 min, corn, barley, barley and buckwheat - a some hours. Only after, when a semolina finally seethe, it is mixed with milk and how to seethe again. When the porridge for a baby is ready, it added natural butter - presently it is not required boil fine, baby is grown. And wipe the mess through a sieve may be only 1 time.

The most beneficial are yet buckwheat and rice.

At 9 months, a baby's time to give a fish dishes. Читать полностью -->

Eating baby in 9 months is extremely versatile.


At this age, a newborn is extremely useful porridge - except millet. Any grain from which to prepare porridge for a baby, must long to seethe a water. Munk and oatmeal - 20 minutes, corn, barley, barley and buckwheat - a some hours. Alone after, when the grits finally seethe, it is mix with natural milk and how to boil again. When the porridge for a child is ready, it added butter - at the present time it is not required seethe properly, baby is grown. And wipe a mess through a sieve may be alone 1 time.

The most valuable are still buckwheat and oatmeal.

At 9 weeks, the baby's time to give the fish dishes. Читать полностью -->

What to pick up to the hospital for discharge:


These things have not to pull ahead.

On the time of discharge relatives bring:

Wear for mom. In order not to be trapped, better pick up items that are worn during pregnancy. Because a stomach does not go so fast, and the other may not climb.

For a newborn, put things with elements of blue or pink depending on a sex of a newborn:

Baby's loose jacket


Diapers (small and great)



Space and a ribbon.

Take the prescribing camera or camcorder (can both) to this beautiful moment in the life was at a photograph. This point is specifically serious!

In a cold season (fall, spring, winter) in addition to the required statement:

Hot hat

Soft blanket

A list of what to take to a hospital for himself and newborn ends.

P.S. On any occasion a sweet gifts and flowers for nurses that will make your child, and the other doctors at will.

I sincerely wish you to easily transfer the labor and give birthday to a strong healthy newborn! Happiness of the family and cottage!

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