Wash clothes child


Ablution clothes child does not preclude a apply of chlorine bleach. Particularly it will be active in washing diapers, because it prevent germs and protect your child, but in this case the proceedings for rinsing want be carried out in several phases, with hot and cold-blooded h2o.

Particular caution must be exercised to parents whose children suffer from allergies. Here you want to choose limited powders and detergents to be marked "hypoallergenic" and must consult with their physician for use of bleach and other means. A most influential thing - not a capacity of pure white, and a well-being of the child.

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Eating child in 9 months is highly versatile.


At this age, the newborn is very useful porridge - except millet. A grain from which to prepare porridge for a newborn, should long to boil the h2o. Munk and rice - 20 minutes, corn, barley, barley and buckwheat - a few hours. Alone following, when the grits finally seethe, it is assorted with milk and as to boil again. When the porridge for your newborn is ready, it added a butter - now it is not indispensable boil well, baby is grown. And wipe the mess through a sieve can be only 1 time.

The most beneficial are yet buckwheat and corn.

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Feeding preterm infants


As soon however a child is stronger, the doctor permitted to nourish, start applying the crumbs to a chest. Do not be alarmed if the baby will not take it the first time, like be patient. The first contact of a baby with the breast may be peculiar, pipsqueak will feel it, hug, lick nipple, but does not suck. Do not despair, do not leaving Put a newborn to a natural as often how possible. Even supplementary feeding expressed natural natural milk or mixture should be carried out how that a child was in the time near the chest, stomach fullness it will be associated with a fresh. Since a premature baby is extremely small stomach, a food should he get frequently and in little portions. Читать полностью -->

Eating newborn in 9 months


Closer to a year of his your baby is able to chew the own items of food. Feeding a baby at 9 months are of reasonable proportions between breast milk, pureed food and food that the child receives in a form of highly little pieces.

At this phase of life a child natural natural milk want be no more than a 3-rd of a total diet. All in all, a newborn of 9 months must eat about 1, 200 meals every day may. Juices, kompotiki and h2o do not count.

Certainly ready puree and cereal can be purchased at specialty children's stores, but it will be beneficial to prepare them yourself.

At 9 weeks, a newborn need give purees of fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs. Cabbage, squash, beets, turnips, apples, pears, peas, carrots, varied types of fresh cabbage are converted into puree and blend well with chopped onions, parsley and dill. If the crumbs do not similar about vegetables, so It is possible to give them at least twice and yet boil water replacement.

At this age the baby along has a few teeth, so it can cope with little items of diet food. Читать полностью -->

Mixed feeding children


Called assorted feeding blend lactation with supplementation adapted simulated mixtures. With a volume of fresh milk produced over 50% of mix feeding in its impact on the heartiness of a newborn is close to a organic one, with a decrease in the volume of milk produced mixed feeding close to the simulated.

Mixed feeding, supplementary feeding a newborn that is a mixing, it is required with a shortage of baby milk. Determine that a child may not enjoy enough milk for his behavior (pipsqueak cries all a time and cries of hunger), the deep weightiness gain, the number of wet diapers every day (infants older than 10 hours should be every day to write at least 12-14 times). If you find that you have not enough natural milk, it yet before running to the store for a mixture, strive for a few hours to set up lactation, since only 3% of gerls on lustiness possess the ability to bring up the newborn, a other mothers lose this possibility simply because of ignorance of a rules of successful lactation.

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