So to wear child in winter - winter Dowry for a newborn


Preparing dowry for a newborn, take To wishlist that babies grow very fast and a beautiful abundance of things may not stay relevant. Newborn just do not have time to pick up down all, it will be his kid.

How to choose clothes for the newborn? - The general requirements

1. Newborn clothes must be made of natural, soft tissues, in ordering to avoid skin irritation baby. Best is 100% cotton, it facial skin breathe. Knitted garments is highly comfortable for a baby, because it has a ability to stretch, but it holds its anatomy.

2. In order not to disturb the newborn much dressing (and it will enjoy to do often), the wear must be easy to fasten and unfasten one's coat. Читать полностью -->

What to buy for a new newborn - Large items:


With big things weigh all the pros and cons of buying them. Later all the their money it will take quite a few, but in the end, these items may be absolutely useless.

1. Bath.

If you do not live in a communal bath, and you keep a decent view (not covered by a layer of rust or launder dirty), it is possible to do without purchasing it. Just washing your good bath earlier bathing your newborn. So it will be even consummate. There are many techniques that teach infants and nursing babies swimming. Читать полностью -->

Diaper dermatitis in children


Even if all a rules of hygiene are observed, there are infants whose face is naturally more tender and more susceptible to even more slight external exposure. If the newborn just be worth while to apply exceptional hygiene lotions for sensitive child facial skin, and while balneum to apply especial charges herbal bath that reduces facial skin irritation. Such complex care for the newborn will reduce a likelihood of irritation to a face and gives you much of crumbs of good feeling.

Be careful - how soon as you notice a first symptoms of dermatitis - check with the medic, strengthen measures hygiene care about the baby. Once you have the strength to return the baby healthy facial skin and rid it of the discomfort in the shape of irritation and itching.

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Eating baby in 9 months


Closer to a year of his your newborn is able to chew the own items of food. Feeding a baby at 9 months are of reasonable proportions betwixt breast natural milk, pureed food and food that the child receives in a form of very little pieces.

At this stage of life the baby breast natural milk should be no more than a 3-rd of the total regimen. All in all, a baby of 9 months want eat some 1, 200 meals daily can. Juices, kompotiki and aqua do not count.

Certainly ready puree and cereal can be purchased at specialty babies's stores, but it will be healthy to prepare them yourself.

At 9 weeks, the baby want give purees of fresh fruits, fresh vegetables and herbs. Fresh cabbage, squash, beets, turnips, fresh apples, pears, peas, carrots, various types of fresh cabbage are converted into puree and combine right with chopped onions, parsley and dill. If a crumbs do not like about vegetables, so you can give them at least twice and still boil water replacement.

At this age the newborn yet has a any teeth, as it can cope with little pieces of fresh food. Читать полностью -->

Breast-feeding a newborn


The newborn is useful because:

Natural natural milk contains antibodies that protect a baby with infectious diseases like gastroenteritis, respiratory system, urinary tract and eye infections;

Reduces the risk of childhood diabetes and heart disease in adults;

Prevent a occurrence of allergic conditions;

Reduces the likelihood that a child will be an adult weightiness problems.

In addition, lactation is beneficial to the young girl:

It helps to lose weight and regain a figure to its former elegance;

Thanks to him, dropped a risk of fresh cancer earlier menopause;

It provides protection from osteoporosis and ovarian cancer.

In a case, remember that natural-feeding a newborn - is not only an undeniable benefit to his heartiness, but also an important step in establishing an emotional connection 'tween mum and newborn.

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