However to feed expressed natural milk


In the old days, when a babies were breastfed by the hour, moms had later every feeding to express fresh to the last drop. This process was indispensable to maintain lactation and lactostasis prevention in gerls. Contemporary Pediatrics recommends breastfeeding on request, so the milk will come however long how a child requires, and there is no wish to decant. But there are cases in which keep to feed your baby your expressed milk, for example:

1. Mum goes to work, and a day to feed a newborn sitter or grandma expressed natural milk. This will allow the mother to continue lactation, and, despite the early exit with a decree to breastfeed so long however possible.

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Creating a safe environment


The 1st steps to become a joyous occasion for you and the child - you should secure environment. A rooms need be cleaned all the dangerous subjects. To do this, sit down to eye level and evaluate the child, to which he may stumble, or what subject could overturn if to lean on him.

Wood door furniture should be good fixed, how they do not open, if a kid pulls on them. Rightly check the condition of the carpet or floor, to configuration the correct position of a foot is desirable that the child began to walk barefoot. We may cultivate approximately of the beloved newborn soft toys to keep his interest and create natural barriers, encouraging him to overcome them.

Newborn clothes should be so free for a variety of movements, but not huge, as it is not confused in it.

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In which the h2o to bathe a child


Parents, before a 1st swim of the child, always start to To think of about however the harm to your newborn what to do, that he likes, however to hold. But a most significant matter - what is in a aqua to bathe a child, care of almost every new parents.

In fact, h2o plays a major role in a moment bathing child. It has to be the optimal temperature and keep some rules.

Water status:

First of all, parents need to choose a type of h2o: tap, bottled or boiled. It all depends on the grade of aqua that flows with the tap. If it is cleared, so It is possible to apply it. And if there is the risk of catching infectious wand, you'd better be prepared to bathe a baby in a aqua.

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How to care for a child newborn


That came to light the long-awaited child ushering in the birth of his loud cry, but what to do future - How to look for a child baby

Firstborn. How a lot of cases, troubles and worries are now in the mother. And a most significant - no issue how sick baby. A mom's love for a tiny, already helpless being seen 1st by applying it to his chest. Most maternity is done either directly after birth or in a 1-st any hours after birth.

A point here is not to feed the baby - his aging body still provide nutrients that are coming done the mother's blood and placental circulation.

The main thing - getting baby colostrum, which plays a role in the newborn's acquisition of resistance to varied harmful effects of his new environment. It contains substances that provide protection against possible neonatal infection, and antiallergen. Читать полностью -->

Items to erase things newborn


Every mom on the birthday of a newborn thinks about the size of what and how to erase items newborn. Many mothers say detergent and bleach negative impact on the child's face, while others insist on a apply of these funds in order to kill microbes. There are many features and rules of washing items newborn.

1-st of all, before ablution clothes, must be closely examined on the product memo service of things. Much often, babies's wear, particularly for sleeping, has some fire retardant qualities, how that the product is forbidden to wash in soapy aqua, in order to save a flame-retardant affinity. The rest of clothes can be water-washed using soap or detergent.

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