How to take care for infants


What changes in a hygienic conditions of a child 9-12 months? A placement where a baby normally want remain free and not clogged unneeded things, putting forever exposed to wet cleaning and airing 2-3 times daily.

However the child long enough spends his time on the floor and touching various items earlier any meal he has to wash his hands.

After a meal, be sure to sluice a face.

By a end of a 1st year of life, a baby has not already formed Skill potty, newborn often forgets about such requires, however it has to bath away a few times every day.

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Child regurgitation


If a child is frequently spit up, you wish to pay striving to a position of the crumbs while lactation, it is possible that the posture in which a baby's sucking is not more comfortable in the process of eating the newborn grabs lots of air, because of this, and a process of regurgitation. Any reason could be the improperly nipple or a big hole in it, which also contributes to a appearance of air in the aging body and therefore can not avoid retrograde blood. For a "bottle-baby" doctors recommend exceptional blend antireflyusnuyu and often even offer had special treatment.

1-st months of newborn spit up ofttimes, in practice, after every feeding. However, if a baby feels correctly and gaining weight, there is no cause to worry. Everything will pass following a while.

To see a medic is if retrograde blood abundant and regular, similar vomiting (fountain), have a yellowish or greenish color and odor, and a behavior of the newborn restless, body weight little.

Regurgitation is actually much ordinary thing for the baby. To create sure your baby could get rid of the excess air and train the muscles of the stomach, it must be held upright following feeding, ofttimes lay on your stomach and you follow great posture while feeding. Читать полностью -->

Things to erase things newborn


In the 1-st weeks of child's life, experts recommend to prefer soap, and then go to a special powders, which are marked on a package marked "suitable for children", fortunately the contemporary market has a wide range of such items. Solving the problem, "How to bath a child things - allergy", a lot of mums in a past were limited in range. Recently, so, began to appear powders and liquid detergents things children possessing hypoallergenic affinity. When a child is a some older, It is possible to select a powder containing bleach, antistatic, supplements, with variant flavors.

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How to wear baby in winter? Dowry for a child


A child baby has not developed thermoregulation to the end, as it can not protect yourself from the lower or high temperatures. In spite of this, a very common mistake new parents - the excessive wrapping a newborn. Remember, overheating also affects a newborn, how correctly so hypothermia. Trust your parental instincts, and you will soon learn to understand, both for the newborn better.

If the rooms is correctly heated by a central heating system (or the like) house child winter wardrobe is no different from a child to a different time of year. If heating is weak and a house cool, be for the child dowry fall, and it is similar to the winter children. And here see big items needed for a child.

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Mixed feeding newborns


If you require to continue to breastfeed and subsequently abandon supplementation, then remove all a nipples and bottles, a baby need only suck his mother's breast, not to spoil a latch, it is possible to provide supplementary feeding from a syringe or spoonful. Mixture to beautify feeding a child only later he got natural milk, and from both breasts. Like remember that lactation baby can not just 10-15 minutes and an hour. As sucking chest will always produce milk. Then It is possible to give a child a mix. Once a baby begins to gain normal weightiness or soak in a day more than 14 diapers, supplementation is necessary to remove and leave alone the chest. Читать полностью -->

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