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That was a miracle - in the family has a long-awaited child. Among a a lot of efforts of added one more - wash clothes magnetically child. It would seem that it can be difficult to wash clothes for the newborn? Enough to throw any batch of laundry in a washing machine, and a question is solved! But not so simple in fact, there are many nuances to this sensitive matter. Let's pick up a closer look at the chief rules of laundry for the kids.

All linen, you possess bought the baby want be carefully washed and ironed on both sides. It is advisable to wash the hand and newborn soap, or in the ablution machine subtle some things babies may "catch" or, conversely, to stretch out. Later, of course, may be used and machine washing, selecting a mode for delicate items. A stroke on both sides of child clothes wish for additional disinfection, preferably up to three weeks.

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