Child 1 month


Do not worry if a end of one 30 days child obsypet pimples, same teenagers, it's my mom's hormones go. Possible allergic rash, how be sure to follow the food for breast-feeding. You must not eat foods that increase gas production, they can cause colic. If crumbs tummy hurts, It is possible to give a bit, which will prescribe a medical man put on his tummy heartwarming diaper or put into his stomach, skin to skin contact is the most valuable. Later feeding, hold a child in a column, until he srygnet.

Up to 1 month a baby is efficacious 2-4 hours every day. Newborn sleeps size 20 hours, the second month of the waking hours will increase. Of the sleeping and feeding unswathe crumbs, that he moves the hand, legs, this will strengthen his muscles. Later the umbilical wound heals, you want to lay the baby on his tummy, he learned to hold his head up, it will get jeep, so do it earlier every feed. A lot of kids are now however efficacious that you do not must to veil is permissible, only be at a nails crumbs, cut away their time, that he himself is not scratched. A child is yet chaotic and unconscious. By the end of a first month, a first thin hair can vykatatsya, nothing wrong with that. If a child is born with long hair, then bowl along out could happen later.

In a 1-st month, and moral lustiness is laid calm baby, however a basic item to pick up care of a magnetically mom, is to ensure the full warm feeding and leaving of the newborn. Ofttimes wear crumbs on hand, as that the baby could feel maternal warmth and affection, however the trust is formed to a world.

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