Shoes for infants 1 year


Substance for infants's shoes should strive to opt only organic. In leather. Substitutes and oilcloth leg will steam and sweat. The best choice - it is leather, see that it was soft, not coarse, not to do child grated and pressed in the shoe. The skin absorbs moisture, breathable and keep warm, with time it adapts to the contour of a feet and a owner remembers it. For this cause it is best not to continue wearing someone else's shoes, no issue however good and "almost new" it was not.

Much convenient and eco-friendly material to children's shoes - is textiles (cotton fabric, linen, denim). This shoe skin is cheaper, but in its ergometric performance she almost equal, except that the rain is consummate not to get in it. Usually done of cloth make summer sandals and sandals. Shoes for winter use felt, felt, drape. The famous boots and at the present time keep not lost their appeal.

Currently there are new synthetic materials that do not interfere with air exchange and regulated well-being standards. When choosing rubber boots a must see to it that inside you be organic or felted woolen sock, since rubber does not pass both h2o and air.

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