Baby's 1st haircut


In our country, it is assumed that the newborn's 1-st haircut done in a year and is strictly for lyso. Where did this tradition, it is now hard to understand. Maybe in a old days, when necessary to comply with hygiene standards was hard, and a newborn still could not himself for himself to serve, cut the children at zero in ordering to facilitate look after them, so come up with various stories about the size of a alleged bad energy first thin hair.

Barbers do not recommend shaving a infants, as a thin hair follicles are weak and may be damaged. If the hair preventing child better do a neat haircut or just trim a bangs and a thin hair on a ears, they prevent most children.

Grandma say that if a baby is not in a year or trimming, a thin hair is soft and rare. But scientists have proved that a density of the hair depends on a number of hair follicles, and a number laid genetics. With this it follows that as bullock, nor shear a hair on the thickness is not affected.

In addition to genetic factors, and the thickness of a hair progress affects child hygiene, nutrition, proper attention. Hair want be water-washed with limited babies with a mild shampoo once a week, be sure to comb every time in variant directions to improve blood circulation in a scalp and thin hair follicle nutrition. Hairs in magnetically infants are thin, so they use a careful babies combing brushing with organic bristles.

Some babies are born with long hair, and approximately, and in a year or more on the head alone washy fluff. Long thin hair can prevent a newborn shear off of the 40 times from birth, this time newborn is stronger and cutting precisely no capacity on his lustiness.

If you are concerned approximately a lack of hair on a head of a newborn, do not worry, a lot of children start to grow thin hair in alone two years, and then you get at least a good head of hair than a peers who were born already with a thin hair. Besides, the 1st thin hair is normally roll out and changed in a 1-st weeks of life.

Do hair grow faster, It is possible to cut off a bit of the growing moon. There is even a exceptional lunar calendar, when to cut their hair, you can apply it by selecting a day when cutting lead to increased growth. 1st shorn thin hair, tend to retain a memory in a envelope.

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