Swaddle a child - plus swaddling


A child baby is not co-ordinated movement. A baby frequently frightened by a spontaneous movements of his arms and legs. Why a child wants to feel the surface future to a aging body. Of course it is best if this surface is mum. But my mum can not always keep on mitt a child, such as during sleep, then a mother may substitute a diaper.

For little gestation, a fetus is very small and it is not touching the walls of a uterus is "floating" in the amniotic fluid. But how a baby with any passing 30 days, more and more in contact with the walls and a uterus, and in the finish months pressed them pretty tight. But a child is not perceived however a restriction on freedom, and however a knowledge of the aging body. However today the child is comfortable curled up in a diaper, "up", his legs tucked to his chin, and hand crossed on his chest. Such a situation reminds him of the situation in my mother's tummy. With this child swaddling pinched diaper and wrap it loosely. This swaddling called - "free." Gradually, new child gets used and is not scared of his arms and legs. It's time to give up swaddling.

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