As to stop breastfeeding


You are well established breastfeeding, lactation honorably overcome crises dispensed bottles and teats, entered valid fishing lures, a child is already a year old and there is yet brewing matter of when and so to stop breast-feeding.

World Hygiene Organization, WHO recommends lactation finish aged 1 year 3 weeks to 2 years. A lot of current natural feeding advocates say that the child needs to be fed to 3y.o., and some believe that a require to feed samootlucheniya, and that it will happen at a age of 3 to 4 years.

But let us go up to bigotry and say that later a year you can actually end up breast-feeding because newborn is eating all a required nutrition items: raw vegetables, fruits, cereals, meat, fish, eggs and dairy items. So, the nutritional value of natural milk of the a year of declines, but the protection is not going away, but rather milk in composition at a 2-year is getting closer to a composition of colostrum, it is rich in immunoglobulins, which strengthen a immune baby. Because if you decide to feed up to 2 years, if both you and a newborn same it, go to hygiene.

But often the situation in your is not so rosy, and either get to leave of the my mom, at work, or just a newborn begins to pester mum permanent part of a latch, time and night. There are minutes when while breast-feeding mom broken health, and doctors should to stop feeding and beginning treatment.

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